Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Desk Organization Project

Well as I slyly mentioned in yesterdays blog post I have a little organization project for you guys today! Organizing is one of my many loves and I am always thrilled when I make a small change and it completely changes the way a space is used and the way that it looks!

Unfortunately any "before" picture I had of my desk was lost in the great computer crash of 2012. So you will have to settle with only a "before" picture of the inside cupboard. Now, we are strictly focusing on the bottom shelf, as the top shelf has yet to be touched. The cards were all lined up and placed within their envelopes to make getting a card easy however I would go to look for a thank you card and pull out 20 or so other cards before I even found one thank you card. My post-it notes had also been moved into this cabinet recently and were living in front of the cards which was NOT working at all. 


Now, onto what is working for me now... I removed the mail sorter I had placed in the back left corner and replaced it with a foldable canvas tote. I wanted my vitamins to be hidden as well as all the other little random things I kept on my desk to have a home. This bin will do just that while keeping a cluttered desktop at bay. I also removed my desk lamp seeing that in all the time I've had it, it's never been even plugged in. Obviously something I don't truly need at the moment. I also pushed my frog tank back so it wasn't jutting out

The mail sorter headed up into the cupboard and now holds all my greeting cards. First section- thank you cards. Second section- blank cards. Third section- Holidays. I don't have a ton of stored up cards so this system works well for now!

As you can see everything has a place, and now it looks so much more organized!

Well, you know, except for the top shelf....

I still haven't figured out quite what to do with the top shelf yet. I need to find a better solution for that and my desk drawers.

Things I still need to work on in this space:

  • My desk drawer are very deep, perfect for file folder- not for desk supplies. Currently my top one holds pens, pencils, highlighters, etc while the bottom holds my files, extra paper, extra notebooks and labels. I need to find a better solution for these items. Perhaps an in drawer organizer for the top and finding new homes for the extra items on the bottom?
  • The top shelf of my desk cupboard needs to be sorted through. I probably don't need all the little notepads seeing that I never make any sort of lists on them. I need to go through all my computer disks and figure out what I need and what I don't- same with the cds that are up there. I need a better home for my external hard drive. I also need a better solution for some of the burnable cds/dvds.
  • Underneath my desk is where I store my "in progress" scrapbooks and that system also needs a better home. My scrapbooking supplies are pretty well off, but my "in progress" scrapbook and paper are not. 

Hope that this inspired you to do your own organizing projects of your own today! What have you been organizing lately? Any tips for organizing a desk with deep drawers?

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