Saturday, November 24, 2012

Here comes Santa Clause....

Happy Saturday Everyone! As your reading this blog post it's very possible that I am at my first 5K! I will be updating as soon as possible with my recap of the race- patience!

Cross your fingers that I am running not walking right now!

Today I am sharing with you my Christmas Decor! I decided to decorate my room for Christmas earlier this week and took pictures of the process- it is not completed and I do need to fix a few things. I am also considering getting a larger artificial tree...

To preface this post I just want to tell you that I have  A LOT of Christmas decor for a girl who still lives at home. When my grandma passed away my papa basically had us over and split up all the ornaments. My mom didn't want anymore ornaments for her tree so I became the ornament scapegoat. I am thrilled to have so many precious ornaments that belonged to my grandma but I definitely need a bigger tree to display them all!

First of all, this is the bin that I store all my Christmas decorations...I had already started to unpack at this point...what a mess!

Last year I had made a simple paper chain which I placed on my door- I think it looks pretty nice! I also love my stocking which my friend Rachel gave me that hangs on my door.

I also pulled out the red and green candle holders. The candles I stuck in there are a little bit big!

The top of my bookshelf...

The middle of the bookshelf...

Lights around my mirror...they fell on the right hand side which has since been fixed!

More bookshelf...

Little bags hanging from hooks, and my scarf frog!

Some friends chillin by my movies!

Polar bear hanging out by the new IKEA lantern!!

Santa in the corner...

I usually fill him up with some hershey kisses!

Love having a holiday decoration to hold everyday items like nail polish!

This little elf is my favorite...I "stole" him from my grandma and papa's house when I was little and have kept him ever since. He's the cutest little thing.

A bunch of my ornaments that won't fit on my baby pink tree!

How did you decorate your room or house for Christmas???

I will be showing you our family spaces and our Christmas tree soon!

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