Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Voted + Holiday Cheer For Heroes!

Happy Election Day everyone!

I hope you all did your civic duty and headed out to those polls to vote for the candidate you deemed worthy! I don't like to get involved with politics here on the blog but know that YOU should get out there and vote. Vote for the person that's right for you, don't listen to the political propaganda and get out there and do what so many people in so many other countries would be THRILLED to do!

Needless to say, I headed out to vote this morning, standing in a 45 minute line. Boy was I happy when I popped that sucker into the machine and knew that all these political ads would be coming to an end!

No workout for me today! I should have done my run, but at this point in the day it's too late to do it, get showered, and get ready for work in time. Plus I'm feeling absolutely exhausted. I didn't get to sleep till well after 1am, I was up scheming all the different organizing plans that I had sloshing around my brain! My to-do list is approximately a mile long but at least I got started with one little thing on my list today!

Last year, I signed a TON of cards and sent them to a Red Cross Program called Holiday Mail for Heroes. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that this little thing I could do would mean so much to a solider who really is in need of some holiday cheer. I decided I would take part again this year and looked on the website to check out any changes in rules/regulations and the deadline for cards to be turned in. To see all this information you can go here. 

I had about 8 leftover cards from last years batch so I figured I might as well start signing those today (since my organization project of the day had me sorting through my stationary-more on that tomorrow!)

I simply added a little message thanking the solider for everything that they do for our country.

And signed with either "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays"

Now, all my cards are in a pile on my desk with a little post-it note reminding me of the address where they will need to be sent. I'm hoping to get a few boxes of Christmas cards and to keep signing them until I have a huge stack to send off!

This is a great program to get involved with and such an easy way to give back to our troops!

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