Thursday, November 1, 2012

I'm back!

So, remember how I posted that I was still able to get online and post because of our generator? Well, as soon as the power came back on Tuesday night we lost our cable, internet and phone! So of course I wasn't able to get online to do any blog posts- I feel like I have so much to catch up on...

My family and I woke up on Tuesday to a small mess in our driveway/yard- it wasn't nearly as horrible as others, but presented us with our own challenges.

Through the storm, we huddled inside the house listening to the wind outside and woke up to see trees down around our property...

Roxy, was just happy to have lots of snuggle buddies...

Even our bench was knocked over by a branch!

The HUGE branch in our driveway was the worst- it had to be chainsawed up and then pulled away by a car! It was all tangled up in live wires so my dad and brother had to be veryyy careful about what they were doing- luckily they are both electricians!

Eventually we were able to get out of our driveway and go exploring- but it was difficult because not many roads were open! Many people in our area are still without power and a bunch of stores and local businesses (including Dunkin Donuts!) don't have power either! It was quite a storm that's for sure.

Now for today's workout. I slacked off quite a bit during the storm so today was tough but I did it!

5 minute warmup walk
5 minute run
3 minute walk
8 minute run
5 minute walk
5 minute run
5 minute cool down walk

I ran a different way today, so coming home was almost all downhill which was much more pleasant- but running uphill at first was awful! =(

I came home and dug into our trick or treater candy bowl =) 
My mom still insists on buying candy even though we don't get ANY trick-or-treaters at our house- so more candy for us!

I have another post to do with pictures from when we explored around during/after the storm and also an organizing project so I'll have some more blog posts coming up soon...hope everyone is safe and is getting their power back!

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