Thursday, November 29, 2012

Little Projects

Lots of little projects have been taking place this week- all things that either will help my life be more organized or something that simply makes me smile every time I look at it!

First off, I painted some floating shelves that hang up high on my wall. I have a pair of them and they hold things such as my Disney World snow globes that hold sentimental value to me- but I don't need to be touching and using on a daily basis. These shelves were unfinished wood and were just a light wood color.

Lately I've been obsessed with white furniture. None of my furniture in my bedroom is white- but I wish it was! I decided to start with these shelves and see what happened.

Disclaimer: Remember that I never once stated I was a great painter....

Here is one of the shelves before it was painted- boring and NOT white:

Then the following process has happened:

The finished product looks like this:

It's so nice to have the shelf look brand new with just a little coat of paint! Excuse the lights on the wall in the above picture they fell when I put up the shelf! =)

I also took an old candle jar and followed a pinterest idea. I wanted to clean out the wax so I simply boiled some water in our tea kettle and then poured it into the candle jar. Slowly but surely the wax began to rise in the jar until it was all removed. I waited for the water to cool down before removing the wax and then had a nice clean jar to work with. (I also wiped it down with a windex wipe just to make sure that it was completely clean and clear). 

Here's what I stuck inside:

So cute right?!

After the holidays I will be using this jar to hold nail polish! 

Another project I have completed over the past few days was shop-vaccing the garage! It was very dusty, full of cobwebs and dirt. It definitely needed a little bit of love!

So much cleaner!

I also lined my nightstand drawers....

I also took some time to type up my inventory lists-separating them by category because I'm a nutcase like that =)

Have you completed any little projects in the past week? Tell me about them!

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  1. ooo! You've done lots around the house!

    You did a great job of the shelves. Love the touch of white :D