Saturday, November 3, 2012

Organizing Project- Free Samples/ Travel Size Items

Hey everyone!

I have a little organizing project for everyone today. During the hurricane when I had no power I decided to complete a few organizing projects to keep myself occupied and this was one of them.

I often apply for free samples of products online, buy trial size items, or get free samples from stores. I love anything that is FREE so of course I am that girl taking lotions and shampoos from hotels and ordering samples online =) Unfortunately they were kind of all over the place- in all different drawers, in my bathroom, just everywhere but not in one spot specifically. Whenever I went looking for a travel size item to take with me on a trip or throw in my purse I couldn't find one! Enter my new organization system!

Here are *some* of the places these samples were:

And now, the new home:

Ahh. So much nicer. I had this pink bin because it used to hold scrapbooking items in it before I got my baskets that I am in love with.  It desperately needed a job- so I found it one. Now this bin sits in my closet so when I need a new lotion for my purse or decided to test out a new shampoo, or need something for a trip I'm going on it will be much easier to locate! =)

Have you organized any little areas in your house lately?
What is your next organizing project?

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