Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Week 7 Day 2

Well the bad news is due to my slacking off and skipping days and generally being busy- I will not be completing the 5K Fitness plan BEFORE my race- however I do plan on completing it!

I WILL be running my 5K on Saturday I just may not complete the plan beforehand. I hope that the energy and excitement of race day will carry me through the race and across the finish line! 

Yesterday I completed week 7 day 2 which means I only have 4 more days left in the plan and including today I have 3 days (also including race day). 

Here's what today looked like:

Identical to the last run I did..

5 minute warmup walk
20 minute run
5 minute cooldown walk

At least I know I can run for 20 minutes...

Since I ran on the treadmill again I was able to see my stats- only 1 mile to go- luckily I'm pretty sure I'll be able to carry myself through!

Anyone else have a race coming up?!

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