Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A little survey

A little survey- I saw that Toronto Runner  answered these questions on her blog the other day and decided it would be fun to give my own answers!!

1.) Do you sleep with your closet door closed/open?

Open- always. My closet is huge and does not get heated if I don't leave the door open and who wants to go into a cold closet? Not me!

2.) Do you take the shampoos/conditioner from hotels? 
Always! I love freebies! I take everything every hotel provides. I usually put it in my suitcase during my first night stay and if they put more in the next day I will keep throwing them in my suitcase! 

3.) When you brush your teeth, do you keep the tap running?
Not usually.

4.) What size is your bed?
It is a queen and I'm with Toronto Runner on this one- I curl up in the fetal position on one side of the bed. However I usually end up wrapped in my blankets like a cocoon!

5.) What do you dip chicken nuggets in?
Nothing! I like to eat them without any sauce. I'm not a sauce kind of girl!

6.) Ever gotten a speeding ticket?
Yes. Two. Both on the same road- almost 5 years apart. To be fair- it's a road I know quite well because I've been working at the same place for YEARS and that's the road it's on. I've learned my lesson though.

7.) Occupations you wanted to be as a child?
A writer. A teacher. A dancer. A spy.

8.) DJ or band at a wedding? 
I would want a DJ just for the variety they provide!

9.) Do you play any instruments?
I used to play the trumpet in middle school- I also know a song on the piano!

Feel free to share your own answers in the comments or your own blog!

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  1. LOL,your number 2. Oh my gosh, I need to do that next time!! I totally wait until the last day to pack up the shampoo/conditioner. Why have I never thought of taking it the first night?!!?

    I can't believe you eat your nuggets dry :O