Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Cleanup Part 1

Well Christmas it over and guess what? It's time to clean up!

I think it's pretty obvious from this blog that..

  1. I like to clean
  2. I like to organize
I have never understood when people lay their gifts under the tree unwrapped for days and weeks after Christmas. In fact- it drives me crazy! I am probably the person in my family who takes the longest to remove their presents from the living room- and it only takes me a few hours. I know, we're crazy right? 

As soon as I get my presents into my room- I lay everything out on my bed. Every single thing. Then I sort. Candles go into my candle drawer, clothes get hung up or put in my dresser, makeup and nail products get put away, and so on.. Everything of mine has a place so there is obviously no exception with new presents. They all need a space. If I can't find a space for that item- then I take something I want to get rid of and donate it to make room for the new item. 

How long do you leave all your presents out before you put them away?

I also want to talk a little bit about gift wrap. Now, I'm not a crazy person (well maybe a little bit), but I don't go around ironing wrapping paper or anything- but I do save quite a bit of the gift wrap that I receive my gifts in. 

I like to save a few boxes, all the gift bags, tissue paper and ribbons to reuse the following year. Not only is it the "green" thing to do but it saves money! So I put these away with my other gift wrap items for the next year.

I will hopefully soon be updating my gift wrap organization- I plan on ordering this from the container store soon! Isn't it awesome? I can't wait to have it to hold all of my gift bags, tissue paper, ribbons, and gift tags! =)

What do you do with your gift wrap?

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  1. Honestly, i need these traits in my life!! I am so guilty of being a bit too messy and leaving things laying around longer than they should be!

    I do like to save the nice wrapping paper, gift bags, and boxes though!