Thursday, December 13, 2012

December Birchbox

This week my December Birchbox came! It was my last one gifted to me so I've been trying to decide if I should continue ordering it for $10 a month or if I should save that money. However it is super fun to get a new box of things to try every month!

Do you have any beauty box subscriptions?

Here are all my products laid out in my box..

The first thing I saw when I opened it up was this gift card for My friend Rachel recently rented a dress from this program and wore it out for her anniversary dinner. She loved it, I'm not quite sure it's worth the money-especially since I'm trying to budget and save a little bit so I can move out and get my own place. But if I have a place to go to wear a fancy dress I definitely will be renting one! =)

I also got the Amika Nourishing Mask which I am excited to try since my hair is always so dry and damaged- it will be nice to give my hair a little treat and moisturize it a little bit!

The Mary-Lou Manizer looks really cool- I did dab it on a little bit but haven't had too much of a chance to try it out yet...

This salted chocolate crunch bar I am going to be sending to my penpal in Madagascar- she is there working for the Peace Corps and doesn't have access to a lot of things so I thought sending her a few samples would be nice. 

This fragrance sample is called Shimmer and it's by Aerie. I honestly have SO many fragrance samples that I haven't used yet because my perfume collection is pretty expansive and I haven't even made a dent in it yet! I haven't even smelled it yet so I will let you know when I do....

My last item in my box is a Lashem Lash Serum. It states that it can be used on eyebrows or eyelashes so I will be interested to see what it does...

I will be posting a review on the items I got in my November Birchbox in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned for that one.

What are your favorite makeup and beauty products lately?

Lately I've been LOVING my Naked Palette. I wear it almost every day. I also love my LUSH Celestial face lotion- it helps my skin to stay soft and not dry out!

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  1. The Mary-Lou Manizer - MY FAVORITE BIRCH BOX PRODUCT EVER! Please tell me you love it! and if you don't....I'll take yours! haha I realize this post is super old, but what can I say? I'm creepy on good 'ol 2012 :) xoxo