Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hello Wednesday!

This week has been zooming by! I've been filling in for a sick co-worker, doing tons of shredding when I've been around the house and that's pretty much it! No major projects going on today- but I have been researching couponing lately preparing for this upcoming weekend.

Have you ever heard of

They are awesome! Not only do they have tutorials for crazy couponing tips but they also will plan out full shopping trips using the latest sales at multiple stores. This is amazing for first time and full time couponers because you are able to see where you should be spending your precious dollars in order to get back the best investment!

I don't necessarily want to become a krazy coupon lady- but I do want to be smarter about my shopping by budgeting my money and getting more for the amount I am able to spend. Stocking up will help reduce further payment in the future- keeping you from buying items that are regularly priced.

I really don't know how they do it! But I guess I have lots of time to learn!

I highly recommend the website- so if you love couponing check it out! =)

Do you coupon? How much do you save?

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  1. Never heard of that site, thanks!

    I'm deeefinitely a saver when it comes to all things spending. Always take advantages of coupons and always scan the flyers for discounts!