Sunday, December 16, 2012


I can't blog today without commenting on what happened on Friday December 14th. I have thought a lot about what I could/should say about the situation but I'm still at the point where I cannot understand and comprehend what has truly happened.  I have been consistently thinking about the families and members of the Newtown community and pray that they are able to find peace. What has happened is a terrible tragedy and I will never understand how someone could do something so terrible to people so innocent.

I want to take a minute to talk about Victoria- a first grade teacher in Newtown. She is a friend of a friend from college. I never met her, but knowing that someone who knows her makes this hit so close to home. She heard the gunshots and hid every single one of her students in cupboards in her classroom. When the gunman came in- Victoria told him her students were in gym class. He shot her and moved on to his next target. She died for her students- saving her entire class. She is a true hero.

I started thinking about what I would do if there was an issue where I work. I work with children every day and I know without a doubt that I would jump in front of any of them and take a bullet without question. Anyone who would ever attack a child is sick, sick, sick.

This tragedy hit close to home and I have had a lot of trouble dealing with it over the past couple of days. I will resume blogging as normal tomorrow but it felt important to relay my thoughts and prayers for those affected in my little corner of the internet.

So if you were affected- god bless you- please know that I am praying for you and hope you can find peace in this difficult season for loss.

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  1. What a brave, brave, soul Victoria was. RIP.
    This whole thing has affected me so much. Tragic. :(