Saturday, December 8, 2012

Opinion Outpost

Have you ever heard or used the website Opinion Outpost?

I just recently opened an account and this site will actually pay you for your opinions!

They send you surveys to your e-mail and for each one you collect points and once your reach 100 points you earn $10. Don't worry about it taking long to get to 100 points- I managed to get there in only 2 days of answering surveys. Each survey is worth anywhere from 5-15 points and they don't take a ton of time. It's definitely one of those things you can do while watching tv.

Any time I can earn money for doing something easy- I'm in! =)

I promise they're not paying for me to say this- I wish they were! But this is just my own opinion...I think their website it awesome and you should check it out!

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