Monday, December 3, 2012

Post 5K Workout..

Well I have a confession to make.... yesterday was the first day I have worked out since my 5K...

I know, so bad but I really felt like I needed some time not running in order to WANT to run again. So yesterday I woke up, ate breakfast and then headed straight down into our basement gym in order to get my workout on. I hopped on the treadmill with no particular plan....

I ended up stopping at a mile which was fine with me. I ran pretty slowly- taking almost 13 minutes to complete my mile but I really just wanted to enjoy my time on the treadmill.

After I finished my mile- I headed over and picked up some....

weights! Only 5 pounders but it was nice to feel the burn in my arms for the first time in awhile!

It was so nice to get in a good workout after a week off! Since I do teach dance and gymnastics 6 days a week I don't ever truly get a day off because I'm constantly lifting kids and flipping them around in gymnastics and in dance class I regularly do a full ballet/tap/jazz workout.  Running and weight lifting is a more intense outlet for my workout!

What are your workouts looking like lately? Do you have any goals for the immediate workout future?

I am just trying to enjoy running right now. Eventually I want to run a 10K but that will most likely be in the spring at the earliest. Someday I would love to run a half marathon but that is very far in the future! =)

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