Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sending A Care Package

So, I think I have previously mentioned that I have a penpal in Madagascar...When I was in 2nd grade I was a member of the American Girl Doll Club. I applied to have a penpal through their club because I was obsessed with getting mail at that age and my parents thought it was a great idea for me to get mail from a penpal. I actually went out to California and met up with her on two different occasions which was really special. Needless to say, she is a very giving person and is a Peace Corps volunteer in Madagascar and I wanted to send her a package.

Here's what I sent her:

  • sour mix bag
  • 2 boxes of m&ms
  • 2 boxes of nature valley bars
  • 3 bags of trail mix
  • 3 postcards
  • 1 soyjoy bar
  • 1 chocolate criso
  • 4 airborne samples
  • a picture of snow for her students
I hope she enjoys all these goodies! It makes me feel awesome to know I'm sending a package out this time of year to someone who will truly appreciate it!!!

Hoping it gets to her soon safe and sound!