Thursday, January 31, 2013

Office Organization Project Recap!

Since today is the end of Home Office Organization Month I thought I would have a link all my office organization projects in one place to inspire you to organize your home office! (Or your desk if you're like me and everything lives inside two drawers!)

Homemade Jar Organizers

My Coupon Binder

Desk Drawers

Desk Top Shelf

Desk Shelf

Scrapbook Supplies

Scrapbook Momentos

The Great Shredding Project of 2012

Did you spend any time of on your office or paperwork this month? How did you do?!

Happy last day of January everyone!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Organizing My Files

Since this month I have been working on getting all my paperwork settled and organized-of course I had to head into my bottom desk drawer and organize those files!

When I started this project I was dealing with a few large groups of paper. I was only organized with my hanging files and there were no sub categories. So I had a medical file and everyyyything medical was located in that one area- not separated at all and it was driving me crazy. Finding something was a nightmare and it just looked messy from the top anyways. Cue my label maker and some manila folders.

I had already used a few manila folders to separate my receipts. I have decided to start keeping receipts for the year so I can keep track of spending and also so I can hopefully have a few extra write-offs next tax season!

I used my label maker to create labels for the manilla folders for each appropriate section... 

Below you can see that in the medical section I made separate sections for Dr Visits (paperwork given to me at the end of each visit), Insurance (medical insurance paperwork), and history (any papers about shots I've been given or medication I've taken).

It was already starting to look better in there!

I had a section labeled "Dance Information". Yeah I had quite a bit of dance information...this got sectioned off!

And que the sighs....

I think it already looks SO much better. It is so much easier to find what I'm looking for and easier to file papers away as they come in...

And what project is complete without a little pile of papers to shred/recycle? 
I think one of the best parts of doing a paper clean-out is tossing the papers you no longer need onto the floor. So therapeutic!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Organization Binder- Re-do!

My organization binder (formerly known as my Time Management Binder) has evolved over the last year and really needed a couple of updates.

I use my Organization Binder primarily as my list maker and budgeting resource so it is very important in my day to day life.  Since I spent most of yesterday in bed sick I decided it was the perfect time to re-label and re-adjust all of my papers inside so it would make more sense. I spent the morning laying in bed making labels and sorting through papers- yes, it did make me feel a little better! =)

The supplies I used for this project were my binder, divider tabs, and my label maker.

The sections of my binder are as follows: Calendar, Lists, Bill Payment, Budget, Spending, Saving, Style, Fitness, Gifts, and Inventory.

In the calendar section I simply have blank calendars for the next few months- here you can see January's calendar which I don't update too often since I mostly use my purse planner. However, it is nice to have information like when I have work or when my appointments are in multiple places.

The next section in my binder is Lists. I have a printable page from iheartorganizing that lists all my future projects on it. I also have lists of items to buy, things I would like to purchase for seasonal decor in the future, and of course a few to-do lists!

In my Bill Payment section I have each bill I pay- car insurance, credit cards, car payment, etc...and check them off as I pay them. This way I can make sure that I have paid everything for the month. Once I set up a payment, I check it off so even though it is still January I have already checked off payments for February because I have set up payments for many of my bills.

My next section is my Budget section. In here I have multiple copies of the same sheet. Every month I list all my projected expenses, I write in a budgeted amount, then I keep track of the actual amount spent and then calculate the difference. I have found that this helps me figure out how much I am spending in each area and if I could cut back anywhere.

You're probably wondering how I can tack all my spending! Well in the spending section- I write down EVERYTHING I buy- just like a checkbook register. I keep track of it no matter what way the money is spent (checking, cash, or credit card). The only thing I don't keep track of is if I spend money on gift cards. I don't think that really counts =)

In my savings section I keep two running lists. One is for my coupon savings log. I keep track of the amount I am saving through coupons. This helps me keep my coupon ticker updated and let me know how much I have truly saved throughout the year.

The second paper in this section is the amount that is saved in my savings account. I removed my amount- sorry that's private! I can tell you that it's less than a million dollars....if I ever have a million dollars saved up I will no longer be working. That's how you'll know I made it rich!

In the style section- I keep a list of the clothing items I have and need. For example: I have wayyyy too many tank tops so if I'm thinking about going shopping- I can look at this list and say, Okay, I cannot buy any tank tops but I should go buy a couple sweaters. It helps me keep myself in check!

Next up is fitness: Eventually I would like include a fitness log of all my workouts. For now it houses ideas for workouts that I've torn out of magazines. I also have some workouts written down that I've found on pinterest.

The gifts section holds a list of gifts that I have and who they're for. I also have a list of gift ideas (which I can't show in case any of those people stumble across this page). Shown below is a list of stocking stuffer ideas that I have gotten from various sources.

The last section in my binder is my inventory. I like to keep track of the items that I have- not only for insurance reasons but for my own personal sanity. I like to know what movies I have, what pieces of clothing I have, etc. I also cross off items once I get rid of them to keep an accurate record!

Well there you have it- my organization binder! If you are ready to make your own, remember to make the sections that work best for you. I first copied exactly what another blogger did with their own binder and it didn't work for me. I wanted different sections. I also have seen that many people separate their finances into a separate binder but since I am a young woman who doesn't own a home and isn't married and doesn't have a family- my finances are pretty simple so I don't need a separate binder just yet.

Remember- do what works best for you. Everyone's life is different which means everyone's organization system is a little bit different as well!

Have a great day everybody!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Cold and Silver Linings Playbook

Hello from my bed where I am currently nursing a bad cold. Yuck, I hate being sick. I have used 75% of a tissue box, gone through 2 bags of cough drops, and sipped on multiple mugs of tea. Hopefully the nyquil I took a little earlier will kick in soon and I will get a great night of knock-out sleep and feel better tomorrow!

My cold did not, however, stop me from going to the movies today with my BFFL Rachel!

We went to see Silver Linings Playbook which was FANTASTIC. I highly recommend it.

At first I wasn't too sure about it- the beginning is definitely a little out there and it wasn't anything like I pictured it being...but it was really good! Once the story got going, the movie flew by and all of a sudden it was the end and the credits were rolling! I love a good movie on a Sunday afternoon.

We also spent about 45 minutes in the mall near the movie theatre and of course I couldn't go in a mall without buying something! I hit the clearance racks at Old Navy and got a few tank tops, a running top, and two shirts.

Here is the running top I picked up:

It wasn't on sale- but I thought a little running gear might step up my motivation! =)

Now I'm just waiting for this cold to pass. It seems like EVERYONE has been sick lately. I've had so many students out with the flu, bad colds, throw-up bugs etc... I'm hoping that this is over soon- I hate being sick!

Since I'm posting this on Sunday night- this post will take place my usual Monday morning post...

Have a great start to the week everybody!

Simple Craft Project For Desk Organization

Since January is office/paperwork organizing month I thought I would do something to dress up my desk a little bit.

When I started this project I had my pens and highlighters inside my desk drawer and my pencils and markers needed a place to live.

I decided to do a simple craft project to create a place for my pencils and markers to live. Since there was nowhere in the drawer for them to go- I figured a scrapbook paper and soup can project would do the trick!

I picked out a peacock feather print scrapbook page and cut it into two pieces.

Then I waited until I had eaten two cans of spaghettios- I like how tall the cans are and wanted both cans to be the same height so there was some uniformity on my desk. A small detail like that would drive me crazy! =)

I used double sided tape to get the scrapbook paper to stick to the can- and then cut it down to size. And voila!

It was a simple project but totally changed the look of my desk! I love the blue and green peacock style because the colors work well with the other colors I have working in my room but the peacock allows it to be a little whimsical at the same time!

I first put pencils in one and markers in the other...but realized that it didn't make a ton of sense. The reason they didn't have a place in my desk drawer in the first place was because I usually use pens and highlighters. So I switched everything around- put my pencils and markers in the desk drawer and the highlighters and pens inside the new containers on my desk!

I absolutely love how it looks-and this was definitely a great small project to change my work space a little bit! 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Inhale Love

I just wanted to share with you guys the cutest pair of earrings from the sweetest jewelry maker in the world.

They are the tree of life earrings and I absolutely love them. Kate, who makes these is a good family friend and we have known how creative she is for years. She has finally opened her own etsy shop and has some great prices!

Check her out at for some amazing jewelry and some great prices!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Weekly Couponing Recap!

WARNING! I did a TON of coupon shopping this week! Get ready....

I'm back again with my weekly couponing recap. I started off last Friday with a multiple store shopping trip.

At Walmart my transaction went as follows:

2 ornament containers on sale for $5 each
2 red storage bins on sale for $4 each
5 lean cuisine meals on sale for $1.98 each
2 stouffers meals @ $7.24 each- I used 2 $1.50 coupons on these to make them $5.74 each
Reach dental floss @ 97 cents- I used a $1.00 coupon to make it FREE!
Glade Freshner  for $5.98, used a $4 coupon to make it $1.98
Glade pack $2.50 used a $2 coupon to make it 50 cents!
Listerene special pack for $3.97 used a $1 off coupon to make it $2.97 and got a bonus bottle!
All you magazine filled with coupons @ 2.99 used a 50 cent coupon to make it $2.49
3 boxes of cereal @ $3.68 each and used a $1.10/3 coupon.
Ritz crackers @ $2.78
2 packs of gum @$1 each. Used my BOGO coupon to get them both for $1
Christmas bows @$1 each.

At CVS I bought...
5 nail polishes at 75% off- they were $1.57 each
Lotion Sampler Xmas set @ $2.49- originally $7.50!
2 mesh sponges BOGO 50% off.
I used $8 in CVS Bucks to make my total $7.86!
All these items will be donated to a basket raffle.

At staples- all my items were full priced- but my multipurpose paper is part of the rebate program and I will be getting the $6.99 I spent on it back in a rebate check! =)

Then on Saturday....

At Bath and Body works I spent a total of $13.56 on these 5 items. I got the lotion for free with a coupon I printed off of Facebook. The candles were 3/$10 and the soaps were on 75% clearance- at $3.34 each.

I also went to Aerie and cashed in on 7/$26.50 underwear deal- but no picture for this one =)

Sunday's coupon shopping consisted of:

At Walmart I got some seriously great deals! 

2 Suave lotions at 93 cents each-I used 2 $1 coupons to make them FREE!
1 Beech Nut Fruities Toddler Food (which will be donated) at 98 cents- I used a $1 coupon to make it FREE!
1 6 count Aleve at 97 cents- I used a $1 coupon to make it FREE!
All You Magazine (full of coupons) at $2.99.

Total spent including tax: $3.21

At CVS...

4 Lady Speed Stick Deodorants at $2.99 each- I used 4 $1 coupons and $5 Extra Care Bucks.
My total including tax was $3.45! andddd... I got $6 in ECB on my receipt to use next time =)

At Rite Aid...

I bought 5 Garnier Fructis products at $3.33 each. I used 3 $1 coupons for these products.
1 Clear Conditioner at $2.29, and used a $2.49 coupon and they took off the entire amount making it FREE!

I also already had $3 rewards loaded on my card so that was taken off too.

My total was 11.78 including tax, and I have $5 rewards to use next time! =)

On Monday I stopped at Rite Aid on my way to work to snag a couple deals!

2 bottles of Tresseme (1 shampoo and 1 conditioner). These bottles had peelies on them for $1.75 off. They were also on sale 2/$7 and I also received $2 Up Rewards back for them!
So this made both bottles $1.50 total.

I also bought 3 packs of ID gum- they are on sale this week for 3/$3. I had a buy one get one free coupon. I also received $2 Up Rewards for this purchase.
This essentially makes them free!

I had $5 Up Rewards from my previous transaction so my total including tax was $1.20! And I have $4 to spend on my next transaction- sweet! =)

On Wednesday I stopped by Staples and Walmart for two quick transactions!

At Staples I cashed in on another rebate offer. A free ream of paper- again! I also had a $2 off coupon from recycling my ink cartridges. The rebate will go through for the entire amount- meaning I made $2! 

At Walmart I didn't have coupons for my milk or juice- but I had a $1 off coupon for a dove body wash or beauty bar- so I used it on the $1.27 beauty bar- making it only 27 cents! 

I love free or almost free things! I am trying to develop a small stockpile of beauty/health items so I won't have to pay for those things at all anymore... It may be crazy but it's definitely addicting and super exciting!

Have a great weekend everybody!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Organizing the Garage!

I think one of the spaces that drives me the craziest in our house is the garage. I am extremely spoiled/lucky to be able to park inside the garage so I am in there every day.

Our garage houses two cars, the recycling, outdoor equipment and all the stuff my brother accumulates! We are lucky to have a huge barn in our backyard that houses all of the stuff for my dads business and we also have a shed. Basically there is a ton of space for storage- but everything in our garage seems to just be a jumbled mess. Staring at it every day was driving me nuts and I was dying to get my hands on it. My mom gave me a thumbs up and I went right ahead with it!

Here's what I started off with.....

I started out with the shelf in the top picture and took everything off the shelves and wiped them down completely. I'm pretty sure that no one has cleaned them. Ever. They were disgusting and I am so glad that they are now clean! I corralled all of the cleaning supplies on one shelf and just put smaller items in boxes. I wanted everything lined up and organized  and am pretty thrilled with how it looks now. I will probably continue to make adjustments as time goes on- but I am just happy to have a more organized environment to drive into every day!

My brothers shelf was really tough to organize. He has so many toys- skim boards, skate boards, fishing gear, etc... and all of it is different, awkward shapes which makes his shelves look less organized then they are. Also there are more items on this shelf then there were originally and you will see why in just a second...

The reason why there is more on this shelf then before is because of the toy box in the picture below. It was full of different items that my brother has been storing. My mom specifically mentioned that she wanted this toy box out of the garage- and get it out I did! My brother took it away- either to use it for something else or burn the wood- but it's out! 

You can see from the view across the garage that everything just looks more organized and is pushed against the back wall so it won't take up as much room. I definitely have more ideas for this space- and will be revisiting it soon- but for now it's definitely better then before!

What have you been organizing lately?

Despite this particular project- I have been mostly working on my paper organization and desk organization which I will be sharing through the rest of the month. I also will be linking up with Jen at as part of her office organization month on her blog. If you haven't already-check out her blog- it's one of my all-time favorites!

Have a great day everybody!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Savings Ticker

I thought it would be a great idea to start a ticker for my savings for 2013! This way I can keep track of my savings throughout the year. This ticker will be present in all my coupon recaps at the end of the week- on the bottom of each post.

I have set a goal of $2,500 in savings for the year which I thought sounded like a bit of stretch- but I already have saved over $200 and it's only January 23rd! I am super excited to keep track of these savings and hope I inspire you to keep track of your savings this year as well!

I thought a lot about what I wanted to include in this ticker. I didn't know if I wanted to include just coupon savings or include sale prices as well. I have decided to calculate my TOTAL savings- sale prices, clearance and coupons because all of these things together contribute to my overall savings. Even though anyone can walk in and get the sale price or clearance deal I am often pairing a coupon with these savings which makes my savings more than just a dollar or two.

So check out that ticker to see how much I have saved and let me know how much you've saved too!

So far so good! =)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I wanted to use my post today to talk about a beautiful, brave, little girl I know named Rhana. Rhana is 12 years old and has a rare disease that overtook her body and left her completely paralyzed one day. She is a gymnast at the studio where I teach gymnastics and dance. One afternoon while doing warmups she started to go numb and within five hours was completely paralyzed.

She is one brave little girl and we are doing everything we can to provide support and help in any way possible.

Please take a moment to look at her website- her parents post updates on her status daily.


Your prayers are so important!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Bring Back The Beach- Zumbathon!

Yesterday I spent my entire afternoon shaking my booty at a local zumbathon. The zumba teacher at the studio where I teach told me about a zumbathon that she was participating in this weekend and I was excited to head there yesterday afternoon.

I had a breakfast meeting with a co-worker about the Disney trip we are making in July with our dancers and afterwards I headed right to Westerly to get to the zumba party!

When I walked inside, I could instantly feel the energy. It cost $20 which wasn't too bad for a 3 1/2 hour event. Plus I knew I would be feeling the burn and it would be a great way to get some much needed exercise!

I grabbed a program and my free snack and headed inside the Westerly Middle School gymnasium.

The gym was decked out for some fun! There was a stage for the instructors to dance on, tables set up around the gym with merchandise, and tons of women (and a few guys) ready to zumba the day away!

If you've never done zumba before- you are seriously missing out! It is a latin based dance class and every minute feels like a party. With the music blasting and the insane amounts of energy it doesn't feel like a workout at all- well until afterwards. When your muscles start burning and you feel exhausted. 

There were some amazing instructors- and of course the not as great ones. There were also some amazing dances. Some of my favorites were to the songs: Like a G6 (I honestly HATE this song-but the dance was so fun), Car Wash, and Country Girl Shake It For Me. All added up to a great time!

Do you zumba?! If so, did it make it into your workout plans this weekend? If not, what was your workout like this weekend?