Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Cold and Silver Linings Playbook

Hello from my bed where I am currently nursing a bad cold. Yuck, I hate being sick. I have used 75% of a tissue box, gone through 2 bags of cough drops, and sipped on multiple mugs of tea. Hopefully the nyquil I took a little earlier will kick in soon and I will get a great night of knock-out sleep and feel better tomorrow!

My cold did not, however, stop me from going to the movies today with my BFFL Rachel!

We went to see Silver Linings Playbook which was FANTASTIC. I highly recommend it.

At first I wasn't too sure about it- the beginning is definitely a little out there and it wasn't anything like I pictured it being...but it was really good! Once the story got going, the movie flew by and all of a sudden it was the end and the credits were rolling! I love a good movie on a Sunday afternoon.

We also spent about 45 minutes in the mall near the movie theatre and of course I couldn't go in a mall without buying something! I hit the clearance racks at Old Navy and got a few tank tops, a running top, and two shirts.

Here is the running top I picked up:

It wasn't on sale- but I thought a little running gear might step up my motivation! =)

Now I'm just waiting for this cold to pass. It seems like EVERYONE has been sick lately. I've had so many students out with the flu, bad colds, throw-up bugs etc... I'm hoping that this is over soon- I hate being sick!

Since I'm posting this on Sunday night- this post will take place my usual Monday morning post...

Have a great start to the week everybody!

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