Monday, January 21, 2013

Bring Back The Beach- Zumbathon!

Yesterday I spent my entire afternoon shaking my booty at a local zumbathon. The zumba teacher at the studio where I teach told me about a zumbathon that she was participating in this weekend and I was excited to head there yesterday afternoon.

I had a breakfast meeting with a co-worker about the Disney trip we are making in July with our dancers and afterwards I headed right to Westerly to get to the zumba party!

When I walked inside, I could instantly feel the energy. It cost $20 which wasn't too bad for a 3 1/2 hour event. Plus I knew I would be feeling the burn and it would be a great way to get some much needed exercise!

I grabbed a program and my free snack and headed inside the Westerly Middle School gymnasium.

The gym was decked out for some fun! There was a stage for the instructors to dance on, tables set up around the gym with merchandise, and tons of women (and a few guys) ready to zumba the day away!

If you've never done zumba before- you are seriously missing out! It is a latin based dance class and every minute feels like a party. With the music blasting and the insane amounts of energy it doesn't feel like a workout at all- well until afterwards. When your muscles start burning and you feel exhausted. 

There were some amazing instructors- and of course the not as great ones. There were also some amazing dances. Some of my favorites were to the songs: Like a G6 (I honestly HATE this song-but the dance was so fun), Car Wash, and Country Girl Shake It For Me. All added up to a great time!

Do you zumba?! If so, did it make it into your workout plans this weekend? If not, what was your workout like this weekend?


  1. ooooh 3.5 hours of zumba!!
    I thought zumba was GREAT fun..but when I first went, it was sooo hard to keep up because (maybe it's just the instructor i went to??) there was no instructing..everyone just seemed to know exactly what to do, so the new people were left figuring things out on your own!

  2. It definitely is difficult to keep up at first- but once you figure out the dance steps they keep repeating!