Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Florida Vacation (Part 2)

On Saturday morning, we awoke to our guests in the house. I forgot how early kids wake up! Despite being at Disney World for two days- Cailean and Annabel sure had a lot of energy!

We decided to head down to the Sebastian Inlet Beach to collect some shells. Cailean even jumped around the water a little bit! It was an absolutely beautiful day.

Having my toes in the sand makes me feel at home wherever I am. I honestly don't know how I could live far away from the ocean. I think I would feel trapped being land-locked. Maybe it's because I've been close to the beach my entire life, but I don't truly feel at home unless I'm near the ocean. I could totally live in Vero Beach/Sebastian by the way...

After hanging out at the beach and collecting a TON of shells (Annabel filled her ENTIRE bucket. I don't know how that child managed to get them all home..) we headed to the McLarty Treasure Museum.

There were all sort of things inside this museum. There was a 45 minute movie about the museum that gave loads of information about the museum and how the treasure came to the Treasure Coast in the first place. There were tons of different coins, weapons, models of the ships, and other exhibits throughout the museum.

Later in the evening we went for a walk near the Indian River Lagoon. It was a beautiful night for a walk through the park!

We walked Roxy all throughout the park, she even chased some squirrels! I took a couple videos and if I can find a way to link them up I will have to share them with you guys...watching a little dog chase after squirrels is a pretty funny sight!

Overall it was a great first day of adventures in Florida! =)

(to be continued...)

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