Friday, January 11, 2013

Florida Vacation (Part 5)

I knew I couldn't go to Florida and not head to Disney World for at least a few hours- luckily my mom was up for it too!

We are avid Disney-goers. This marked my 13th trip and I would honestly go multiple times a year if I were able to! If only I didn't need to work =) Since there was a new part of Fantasyland built- we were super excited to check it out!

We parked in Downtown Disney and walked around a little bit before heading to the Magic Kingdom.

Everything was decorated so beautifully for Christmas! The Magic Kingdom was gorgeous too....

We saw where they are building the Seven Dwarfs mine ride over the fence and also saw Enchanted Tales with Belle from the outside but the line was too long to wait to get in!

Since Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie I am so thrilled that they have finally set up an area for my favorite movie!

My mom and I decided to go on the new Little Mermaid Ride. It was quite a long wait- and honestly while it was really well done and cute- it was such a short ride that I will never wait in a line that long for it again! Live and learn! 

We were able to eat lunch in Belle's castle! =)

It was absolutely gorgeous- and I want to go back and eat in there again!!! I couldn't believe how amazing it was- it looked just like the ballroom from the movie. The 5 year old in me came alive the minute we walked in =)

After heading on a few other rides, we were exhausted and decided to head back to Vero. It was an amazing day and I was so thankful to be able to spend the whole day with my mom at the happiest place on earth! 

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  1. oh the happiest place on earth definitely looks wonderful!