Saturday, January 12, 2013

Florida Vacation (Part 6)

Today is the last day of my vacation recap- we will be back in regular time before you know it! This has actually been a great week to recap because I've been sick with a horrible ear infection- so I honestly have only been working and resting the entire week! Anyways, more on that later...

The last few days in Florida were incredibly relaxing- hanging out at the house, taking Roxy for walks near the water, going out to dinner, and attending a local flea market.

I even was able to have dinner at Captain Hiram's with my parents- it is a local, waterfront restaurant that always has live music. There is an outdoor section of the restaurant that is called the SandBar and is so much fun.

I had one of their speciality drinks called The Pink Flamingo which was absolutely delicious- i need to figure out how to make it on my own!

Doesn't my dinner look colorful?! I ordered spinach and artichoke dip which was surprisingly filling! I really enjoyed the colorful chips that they put together, it definitely made my dinner more interesting.


The lighting at night was gorgeous- this iPhone picture certainly does not do it justice. 

On my last day in Florida- we headed to a local flea market. There were a ton of vendors there- especially jewelry. My mom bought me these beauties...

Yup $3! They will probably turn my ears green- but they're cute! 

As I mentioned earlier, the night before I flew home my right ear started to ache. I was pretty miserable the entire plane ride home- immediately once I got off the plane I headed for the emergency room- good thing too because my ear was completely swollen! I apparently had both an inner and outer ear infection. 

You can see the difference between my good ear and bad ear just in these pictures. I have spent most of the week just working and hanging around the house. I have officially caught up on my DVR shows and have been getting lots of rest! I hope that soon it will be over with and I'll be feeling good as new- I really need to get running again. I'm certainly not starting the year off as I would have liked!

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