Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Organization Binder- Re-do!

My organization binder (formerly known as my Time Management Binder) has evolved over the last year and really needed a couple of updates.

I use my Organization Binder primarily as my list maker and budgeting resource so it is very important in my day to day life.  Since I spent most of yesterday in bed sick I decided it was the perfect time to re-label and re-adjust all of my papers inside so it would make more sense. I spent the morning laying in bed making labels and sorting through papers- yes, it did make me feel a little better! =)

The supplies I used for this project were my binder, divider tabs, and my label maker.

The sections of my binder are as follows: Calendar, Lists, Bill Payment, Budget, Spending, Saving, Style, Fitness, Gifts, and Inventory.

In the calendar section I simply have blank calendars for the next few months- here you can see January's calendar which I don't update too often since I mostly use my purse planner. However, it is nice to have information like when I have work or when my appointments are in multiple places.

The next section in my binder is Lists. I have a printable page from iheartorganizing that lists all my future projects on it. I also have lists of items to buy, things I would like to purchase for seasonal decor in the future, and of course a few to-do lists!

In my Bill Payment section I have each bill I pay- car insurance, credit cards, car payment, etc...and check them off as I pay them. This way I can make sure that I have paid everything for the month. Once I set up a payment, I check it off so even though it is still January I have already checked off payments for February because I have set up payments for many of my bills.

My next section is my Budget section. In here I have multiple copies of the same sheet. Every month I list all my projected expenses, I write in a budgeted amount, then I keep track of the actual amount spent and then calculate the difference. I have found that this helps me figure out how much I am spending in each area and if I could cut back anywhere.

You're probably wondering how I can tack all my spending! Well in the spending section- I write down EVERYTHING I buy- just like a checkbook register. I keep track of it no matter what way the money is spent (checking, cash, or credit card). The only thing I don't keep track of is if I spend money on gift cards. I don't think that really counts =)

In my savings section I keep two running lists. One is for my coupon savings log. I keep track of the amount I am saving through coupons. This helps me keep my coupon ticker updated and let me know how much I have truly saved throughout the year.

The second paper in this section is the amount that is saved in my savings account. I removed my amount- sorry that's private! I can tell you that it's less than a million dollars....if I ever have a million dollars saved up I will no longer be working. That's how you'll know I made it rich!

In the style section- I keep a list of the clothing items I have and need. For example: I have wayyyy too many tank tops so if I'm thinking about going shopping- I can look at this list and say, Okay, I cannot buy any tank tops but I should go buy a couple sweaters. It helps me keep myself in check!

Next up is fitness: Eventually I would like include a fitness log of all my workouts. For now it houses ideas for workouts that I've torn out of magazines. I also have some workouts written down that I've found on pinterest.

The gifts section holds a list of gifts that I have and who they're for. I also have a list of gift ideas (which I can't show in case any of those people stumble across this page). Shown below is a list of stocking stuffer ideas that I have gotten from various sources.

The last section in my binder is my inventory. I like to keep track of the items that I have- not only for insurance reasons but for my own personal sanity. I like to know what movies I have, what pieces of clothing I have, etc. I also cross off items once I get rid of them to keep an accurate record!

Well there you have it- my organization binder! If you are ready to make your own, remember to make the sections that work best for you. I first copied exactly what another blogger did with their own binder and it didn't work for me. I wanted different sections. I also have seen that many people separate their finances into a separate binder but since I am a young woman who doesn't own a home and isn't married and doesn't have a family- my finances are pretty simple so I don't need a separate binder just yet.

Remember- do what works best for you. Everyone's life is different which means everyone's organization system is a little bit different as well!

Have a great day everybody!

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  1. wow, you really are organised! never thought to do an inventory of dvds - would have come in useful the other night when I bought a dvd we already have! thanks for sharing!