Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Resolutions

Happy New Years everyone! Welcome to 2013! It's very nice to be here, a new year, a new start.

This is what I have for my resolutions for 2013.

  1. Travel more. I want to get out there more, take time off of work and travel! I hope that I will be able to accomplish this one.
  2. Run a 10K, run a 10 miler. Think about starting to train for a half marathon (scary!)
  3. Go back to school and start working on my medical billing certificate.
  4. Get back into taking more pictures with an actual camera- not my iPhone! 
  5. Get caught up with my scrapbooks!!!
  6. Make a budget and stick to it!!!
  7. Actually complete some projects off of pinterest that I want to complete!
  8. Volunteer and do more for other people.
  9. Make time to read every day. I love to read but have not had as much time lately and should make more time to read on a daily basis.
  10. Take time enjoy life. I often find myself looking into the future and not thinking about the now. I need to just enjoy what's happening right now. 
Those are my 10 new years resolutions, what are yours?


  1. One of mine is to actively blog and participate more in the blog world.

  2. that is a great resolution- I am trying to work on that as well! =)