Thursday, January 24, 2013

Organizing the Garage!

I think one of the spaces that drives me the craziest in our house is the garage. I am extremely spoiled/lucky to be able to park inside the garage so I am in there every day.

Our garage houses two cars, the recycling, outdoor equipment and all the stuff my brother accumulates! We are lucky to have a huge barn in our backyard that houses all of the stuff for my dads business and we also have a shed. Basically there is a ton of space for storage- but everything in our garage seems to just be a jumbled mess. Staring at it every day was driving me nuts and I was dying to get my hands on it. My mom gave me a thumbs up and I went right ahead with it!

Here's what I started off with.....

I started out with the shelf in the top picture and took everything off the shelves and wiped them down completely. I'm pretty sure that no one has cleaned them. Ever. They were disgusting and I am so glad that they are now clean! I corralled all of the cleaning supplies on one shelf and just put smaller items in boxes. I wanted everything lined up and organized  and am pretty thrilled with how it looks now. I will probably continue to make adjustments as time goes on- but I am just happy to have a more organized environment to drive into every day!

My brothers shelf was really tough to organize. He has so many toys- skim boards, skate boards, fishing gear, etc... and all of it is different, awkward shapes which makes his shelves look less organized then they are. Also there are more items on this shelf then there were originally and you will see why in just a second...

The reason why there is more on this shelf then before is because of the toy box in the picture below. It was full of different items that my brother has been storing. My mom specifically mentioned that she wanted this toy box out of the garage- and get it out I did! My brother took it away- either to use it for something else or burn the wood- but it's out! 

You can see from the view across the garage that everything just looks more organized and is pushed against the back wall so it won't take up as much room. I definitely have more ideas for this space- and will be revisiting it soon- but for now it's definitely better then before!

What have you been organizing lately?

Despite this particular project- I have been mostly working on my paper organization and desk organization which I will be sharing through the rest of the month. I also will be linking up with Jen at as part of her office organization month on her blog. If you haven't already-check out her blog- it's one of my all-time favorites!

Have a great day everybody!

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