Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Organizing My Files

Since this month I have been working on getting all my paperwork settled and organized-of course I had to head into my bottom desk drawer and organize those files!

When I started this project I was dealing with a few large groups of paper. I was only organized with my hanging files and there were no sub categories. So I had a medical file and everyyyything medical was located in that one area- not separated at all and it was driving me crazy. Finding something was a nightmare and it just looked messy from the top anyways. Cue my label maker and some manila folders.

I had already used a few manila folders to separate my receipts. I have decided to start keeping receipts for the year so I can keep track of spending and also so I can hopefully have a few extra write-offs next tax season!

I used my label maker to create labels for the manilla folders for each appropriate section... 

Below you can see that in the medical section I made separate sections for Dr Visits (paperwork given to me at the end of each visit), Insurance (medical insurance paperwork), and history (any papers about shots I've been given or medication I've taken).

It was already starting to look better in there!

I had a section labeled "Dance Information". Yeah I had quite a bit of dance information...this got sectioned off!

And que the sighs....

I think it already looks SO much better. It is so much easier to find what I'm looking for and easier to file papers away as they come in...

And what project is complete without a little pile of papers to shred/recycle? 
I think one of the best parts of doing a paper clean-out is tossing the papers you no longer need onto the floor. So therapeutic!


  1. Yes! I also find some kind of satisfaction in tossing the not needed documents on the floor or feeding them onto the shredder. XD It is really therapeutic. It's like a breather from the usual chaos of papers in my office. On another note, I think it would help more if you'd also use color-coded folders for more distinction. :) -->Ruby

    1. thanks Ruby!

      I am that way as well, I love putting papers in my shredder *sigh*

      I may revisit my files and color-code them eventually!