Sunday, January 27, 2013

Simple Craft Project For Desk Organization

Since January is office/paperwork organizing month I thought I would do something to dress up my desk a little bit.

When I started this project I had my pens and highlighters inside my desk drawer and my pencils and markers needed a place to live.

I decided to do a simple craft project to create a place for my pencils and markers to live. Since there was nowhere in the drawer for them to go- I figured a scrapbook paper and soup can project would do the trick!

I picked out a peacock feather print scrapbook page and cut it into two pieces.

Then I waited until I had eaten two cans of spaghettios- I like how tall the cans are and wanted both cans to be the same height so there was some uniformity on my desk. A small detail like that would drive me crazy! =)

I used double sided tape to get the scrapbook paper to stick to the can- and then cut it down to size. And voila!

It was a simple project but totally changed the look of my desk! I love the blue and green peacock style because the colors work well with the other colors I have working in my room but the peacock allows it to be a little whimsical at the same time!

I first put pencils in one and markers in the other...but realized that it didn't make a ton of sense. The reason they didn't have a place in my desk drawer in the first place was because I usually use pens and highlighters. So I switched everything around- put my pencils and markers in the desk drawer and the highlighters and pens inside the new containers on my desk!

I absolutely love how it looks-and this was definitely a great small project to change my work space a little bit! 

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