Monday, January 14, 2013

Sucking at my resolutions...

Well, it's official. I suck at resolutions!

I guess it's not entirely my fault...cue the excuses...

1. I was on vacation and who works out on vacation? Well lots of people I guess- but I worked out ONCE.

2. Immediately after vacation I got sick and running with an ear infection, yeah not a great idea.

So really, it's not entirely my fault right?
So lets review the two runs/workouts I've done this year shall we?

My first workout took place in the sunshine state. I took a run starting at my parents house and looped around their neighborhood. I ran 1.44 miles in 15:49 at a 10:58 pace. I did this run first thing on New Years Day to set a good precedent for the year....
I tracked my run on a new app I downloaded called "Map My Run" and so far I like it- I will definitely use it again when I run outside again.

My second workout was done last night, the first time I actually felt like I could run without my ear feeling like it would fall off. Here are the stats:

I ran one mile in 13 slow! I guess that's what you get for not running in 12 days.

After I finished my one mile run I did a few weight-lifting exercises, crunches, reverse crunches, and pushups.

I really need to step up my game- and it will happen starting NOW!

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  1. I just ran today for the first time in a while and my mile time was 40 seconds slower that it usually is. Haha, maybe there's something in the air lol, I feel your pain!