Friday, January 18, 2013

Weekly Couponing Recap!

This week I did quite a bit of couponing- I am really getting into it, which you will see by a project I will be sharing this weekend!

I started couponing on Sunday, following the tips I gathered from

I ended up shopping at Walmart, Staples and CVS.

At Walmart I didn't use coupons- I know shocking!- but I did find a great deal of things on clearance in their Christmas section. I bought a wine charm set for $1.24 to put with a gift next year and I also found some felt gift bags for 86 cents a piece. Everything else I bought was food items, all on sale but no coupons for the items. Unfortunately they were all things I needed and couldn't wait for coupons at the present time. I ended up spending $33.37 which isn't too bad for a trip to Walmart!

Then at CVS I went in for a $3 off Revlon products. Revlon products were on sale for buy one, get one 50% off. I ended up buying two different eyeliners, and then found 3 nail polishes that were 75% off- I was able to get them for $1.57 each! My total was $18.66 and I used my $3 coupon to make my total $15.66. Not great, but not too bad for 5 beauty items.

Then I headed to Staples. I needed to get some items for a project that I wanted to complete. While I was in there I saw a deal I had read about on thekrazycouponlady but didn't decide to get it until I was in the store. I bought two reams of Hammermill paper for $6.99 and I was able to apply for rebates for both reams. The limit was 4 I believe, but I decided to stick with just two- I didn't want to get too crazy! Plus Staples copy paper has the same deal again this week- except with the new rebate, the ream of paper ends up being free! Don't worry I'm heading back there today! (It ends tomorrow- so get there quick!)
I don't want to reveal the other items I bought because I don't want to give away my project until I'm ready to reveal it this weekend- although you can probably already guess what it is =)

On Tuesday I headed out couponing again- this time to CVS and Rite Aid.

At CVS I had a great deal on Hallmark cards. I had a facebook coupon for $2 off 3 Hallmark cards and CVS was running a promotion, buy 3 Hallmark cards $1.99 and up and get $3 ECB back. Then when I scanned my card at the Magic Coupon Machine- I managed to get a coupon for buy 3 Hallmark cards and get 1 free. With all those coupons and promotions I was able to get them for 24 cents each!
I also bought a Gillette razor for $7.39, but CVS was running a promotion where you get $5 ECB back so my razor cost me $2.39!
I also bought 3 bags of little Christmas bows because they were on clearance for 49 cents each! I am loving these Christmas deals lately!

I ended up paying $13.87 out of pocket...but received $8 ECB back, which means that I really spent $5.87! This trip worked out really well for me! =)

My last coupon shopping trip was to Rite Aid. I had a few deals that I planned on getting. I have gotten pretty good at couponing at CVS but Rite Aid is still a little confusing to me.

I bought 1 pack of Energel Gel Pens (2 pack) for $3.99 and was able to get $3 UpRewards for this purchase which means the $3 will be applied to my next Rite Aid purchase.
Then I thought I had added a Clear shampoo sample size coupon onto my Rite Aid card but apparently it didn't load so I ended up purchasing it for $2.29. Oh well, they don't all work out.
Thermacare Back wraps were on sale for $3 and I had a $3/1 coupon so it was free!
I bought a Jesse's girl eye shadow palette that was on Clearance in the Christmas section for $4.99.

All of my products came to $12.27. I will have $3 to spend on my next purchase so this haul really cost: $9.27. Not too shabby!

So I did quite a bit of coupon shopping this week- and as I said I will be heading out again today for a little bit more! Of course I will also head out on Sunday because that will be the start of new deals!

Did anyone else do any couponing this week? Did you get any great deals? Please share!

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