Monday, February 11, 2013

Greeting Cards = Organized!

Being snowed in gives you a lot time to kill hanging around inside. One of the projects that I have wanted to work on FOREVER is getting all my greeting cards organized! I was planning on ordering or buying a pre-made card box that I could store them all in but while puttering around my room looking for things to organize- I found an empty box and decided to put it to good use and got a little crafty!

First, I rounded up all my cards. They were currently living in my desk cupboard but were getting out of control! Every time I am able to get free blank cards with couponing I've been hoping on board and getting as many as I can, which is great because I won't have to pay full price for any cards ever again- but I definitely need some extra storage (and room to grow).

I used the box I had found which easily separated into a top and a bottom. I used one half and cut it into pieces to make dividers to separate the cards into categories.

Then I made imperfect round labels to make 6 categories. I labeled 4, but left 2 unlabeled so I can decide what I want to use them for at a later date. So far the categories I'm using are: Birthday, Thank You, Christmas, and Blank.

After making the labels- I attached them to my make-shift dividers. I just used double sided tape to attach them together, nothing too fancy! =)

Of course I had to decorate the front to make it a little less bland...

photo 2.JPG

And for a couple grainy cell phone are some views from the top!

photo 4.JPG
photo 3.JPG

For now my new greeting card box lives next to my magazine basket until I can find a better home for it! 

photo 5.JPG

How do you organize your greeting cards?

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