Saturday, February 2, 2013


I just have to share one of my new favorite iPhone apps that saves you money so easily!

I recently downloaded Ibotta- and it is so simple to use. This app has a ton of different offers for products that you might have on your shopping list anyways. Each offer comes with different ways to earn money, whether it's learning a fact, taking a survey, writing something you love about the product, watching a video, or liking it on Facebook- once you complete a task you are rewarded with a cash offer.

Once you complete the offers you must buy the product in stores- there are a ton of stores listed so you have your choice of where to go! You can use coupons and do your transactions as you normally would (if the item is free with coupons- the app will still work!)

When you have finished your transaction, Ibotta will ask you to take a picture of your receipt- you have to take a picture of the ENTIRE thing- which might mean taking multiple pictures. Once you've snapped your picture(s) and pressed submit- it's a 24 hour or less waiting game. You'll receive a message from Ibotta letting you know that you've earned your money.

After you have completed multiple offers and earned a minimum of $5 you can transfer the money to your Paypal account!

Pretty sweet deal, for not a ton of work- especially if you are already buying these items!

Check it out if you have a phone that can download apps such as an iPhone or an Android... it's totally worth it!

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