Thursday, February 28, 2013

Kitchen Organization Wrapup!

Well it's the last day of February- crazy!

This month flew by awful fast- and I managed to complete two BIG projects in the kitchen- organizing the pantry and organizing our tupperware cupboard. I do have more kitchen projects on my to-do list but they will have to wait a little while because I am sure Jen over at iheartorganizing has another room for the March monthly challenge. I am personally really hoping that it will be a closet month because I have a ton of projects to work on in there- but the bathroom would be great as well because I really should clean that puppy up as well!

At the beginning of the month this post showed tons of inspirational images for kitchen organization which definitely gave me the kick I needed to get started with these projects!

So, earlier this month I posted all about our tupperware organization.  I  was able to go through all of the tupperware containers that were stuffed in that cupboard and even purge a few that were missing a lid, or a lid that didn't have a match. It was really nice to be able to organize a space that constantly annoyed me!

I also organized our pantry this month. Not only was I able to pull out a few things that expired, but everything looks so much nicer when it is all lined up and organized. I have tons of ideas for my future pantry when I move out but unfortunately that will have to wait a little while! =)

I have a few more projects I would like to work on in the kitchen- so those might be popping up in the future- so stay tuned!

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