Monday, February 25, 2013

New York City Weekend

On Saturday afternoon when I finished work, I drove straight to my friend Rachel's apartment in Guilford CT and then we headed straight away to the city!

Rachel's college roommate Katie lives in NYC and had agreed to host us for the weekend- it was so nice to see her! I think it had been about two years since I had seen her- it's crazy how fast time goes by!

On Saturday we mostly walked around, just taking in the sights of the city. Our dinner that night was AMAZING. We went to a Japanese restaurant which immediately made me a little nervous. I am not entirely adventurous when it comes to trying new food, but it was awesome.

We went to Gyu-Kaku which is a cook-it-yourself restaurant. You order the meats and veggies that you want and you are able to cook it yourself at the table. There is a grill in the middle of the table. We ordered two different steaks, ribs, and chicken. For our veggie we chose garlic spinach, and we also ordered a side of rice (that was cooked for us) that had garlic in it as well. I also ordered a drink with dinner, called a tsunami- it was vodka and blue curaco based and delicious to the last drop!

So the dinner was great- could dessert possibly be better? Well my friends, the answer is YES it could! I had s'mores. Yes, you read that right. I had s'mores. Since we had a grill right on our table- I toasted the marshmallows right there at the table and they were amazing!

After dinner we headed to a nearby Irish pub and had a couple drinks and chatted a ton until about 11:30 when we suddenly became old ladies and headed off to Katie's apartment to crash!

The first thing we did on Sunday morning was get cupcakes. There is a little shop called Baked by Melissa and they sell mini cupcakes and oh my are they delicious!!

We each got two- I had a chocolate chip pancake cupcake and a cookie dough cupcake. Both were amazing and I could have eaten 10 more. However, we needed to save room for brunch. Katie decided to take us to her favorite restaurant for brunch.

Gina's is a small restaurant and made me a little nervous at first, I ordered a tea but as someone who generally eats the same things for breakfast every day I didn't see anything on the menu I wanted to order to eat. I ended up ordering eggs florentine only because they had homefries. I figured that worst case scenario I could just eat the homefries and survive off of those...but I really liked the eggs florentine!

It was really pretty looking too! I only managed to eat one because they were quite filling.

After brunch we walked around quite a bit- we sat on the steps at the MET and strolled through Central Park.

We saw a ton of things in Central Park- the Alice in Wonderland statue, Belvedere Castle, and much more! I was shocked that there was a "castle" in Central Park- it was something very exciting that I didn't expect to see. As always when I come back from New York there are a million things I still want to see- including the apartment from Friends, the door stoop from Sex and the City, the Museum of Natural History, and so much more! I guess that just means I'll have to head back there again soon!

Thank you again Katie for having us for the weekend- it was an amazing time!

What did you guys do this weekend?

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