Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Organizing the Tupperware Cupboard

Our tupperware cupboard was starting to look a little messy. And by a little messy, I mean a lot messy. It was insane. A complete disaster. When I was looking for a tupperware container to store leftovers I was unable to match up a lid to the bottom and I was getting extremely frustrated! I mean, who wouldn't get frustrated about this...

It was seriously a disaster. So what did I do?

Take out everything and lay it on the floor of course! My first suggestion when cleaning out any area is to completely empty it out. This tupperware container was no exception- taking everything out allowed me to see exactly what we had and get a visual idea of how I wanted to put everything back in. 

Some of the lids I found inside the cupboard didn't even have a match. They were just sitting in the cupboard- never used and lonely. See ya later abandoned tops! No reason to hold on to items you'll never use.

Doesn't that look better? All of the tops are matched to the bottoms. The ice cube trays are all together in one box (although I'm not sure why we're insistent on keeping the ice cube trays seeing that we have an ice maker in our fridge)- all lunch boxes and extra items are located on the bottom shelf together. 

It just looks so much cleaner- and now there is no confusion as to what lid goes with what bottom. Because as you can see below- all the unmatched tops and bottoms will be heading off to their next life- I'm not sure where they'll go yet- salvation army or recycled. But they are outta here!

If you follow Iheartorganizing you know that February is kitchen organization month...what have you been doing to organize your kitchen lately?

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