Sunday, February 17, 2013


Have you ever been to a PIYO class? I haven't yet, but a co-worker of mine is a PIYO instructor and gave me a taste of what PIYO is the other night...

She explained to me that PIYO is a mix of pilates and yoga- which judging by the name- I might have guessed eventually. She ended up essentially leading a class for me so I could get an idea of what it is like.

We did two different strengthening exercises..

The first was done on our backs with bent knees, coming up almost like a crunch but rowing our arms from the right to the left. We did several each way and then pushed one leg out in front of us and held a hollow position. (ugh- my least favorite thing in the world)

Here is a picture of the hollow hold position

The second was done in a plank position, lifting one leg up behind- crossing it to the other side of our bodies. Lifting a few times and then pulsing our leg in place- all the while holding plank.

Here's a picture of plank position if you are unsure what it is. It is definitely one of my favorite exercises!

I left work with sore abs and sore thighs. It definitely made me want to check out a real class. I would love to take from my co-worker- but unfortunately she teachers PIYO classes only while I'm working. Sometimes my schedule is such a pain!

Speaking of exercise classes- I'm going to be heading up to NYC during the next week and I'm wondering if anyone has a recommendation of an exercise class to take while in the city. My friend and I will be there for a short time and would love to check out a special NYC class! Let me know if you have a suggestion! =)

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