Thursday, February 21, 2013

Vase of Sand

Have you ever seen this project on Pinterest?

Vacation Memories
Well, I thought it was an amazing project, especially for someone who loves the beach. When I was in Florida I decided to start things off by collecting a bottle of sand from both the beaches I visited. Then recently while in AC Moore I picked up a vase so I could get started!

I started layering the sand, but both sands from Florida looked very similar so I was a little annoyed- but I followed what they did in the picture above and labeled the back of my vase so I could keep track of the sand and where they are from. Then on Tuesday while bring my dog to the beach, I collected some more sand and layered that on top. Now, I have three different types of sand from three different beaches and am definitely pleased with how this decor item is coming along!

Here's what it looks like so far:

I can't wait till I have more sand to add- I love to travel and see new places and now every time I travel to a beach I will be able to take home a free memory to add to my collection. I'm also a huge fan of how decorative this will become. I love ocean-themed decor so it will fit in perfectly in my future home. I was unable to find a rectangle vase like the one on Pinterest but I do like the shape of this one and how big it is!


I just made some simple labels for the back with my label maker. I can turn the vase either way depending on what I want people to see! =)

Have you done any Pinterest ideas lately?

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