Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Recently on one of my favorite blogs, I read about a great app for organizing a to do list. The app is called Wunderlist and I have started trying it out this week and so far really like it.

On Wunderlist you can have multiple lists going at once which is awesome. Right now my current lists are:
To Do List- to keep track of daily to-do items.
Blog Ideas- any ideas I have for this blog go on this list.
Shopping- my current shopping list.
Movies to Watch- movies i see previews for and want to see.
Wishlist- Items I would like to buy but aren't part of my regular shopping list.
Books to Read- Any books recommended to me!
Scrapbooking/Photos- Scrapbooks to complete...
Ebay/Sell- Items that I need to list and sell on ebay or elsewhere.
Gift Ideas- ideas for gifts for family members and friends.
Movies To Buy- I love having an extensive movie collection and have a list of movies I would like to purchase if I happen to find them on sale.

I use my to-do list most often to keep track of my daily to dos. For example today I had the following items on my to do list:
Get an oil change
Post Office

As I finished each item I was able to check it off in the app, and it was immediately shown as crossed off which was exciting because I personally love checking things off my to do list.

I love having lists for different purposes. I used to keep all these lists in the yellow notepad app on my iphone but I like that this app is easier to delete items from each list then having to manually erase each item.

The number one things that I love most about this app is that I can use it on both my macbook AND on my iphone. When I add an item onto my to do list on my computer, it is instantly transferred to my iphone. That to me is amazing!

I still like having a hard copy of my to do list- and this app allows the opportunity to print one out which is nice. I still love to make my paper and pen to do lists and cross out everything as I go throughout my day.

Sorry for all this nerd talk about to do lists, but I'm sure there are a few more nerds like me out there who want to be constantly organized and make miles of lists every day!

How do you organize your to do list? Do you have an app on your phone or are you an old fashioned pen and paper person?

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