Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cleaning Out the Linens!

Since March has been officially be dubbed "Linens and Loo" month by Jen over at iheartorganizing, I decided to dive right in this weekend and get my linens organized!

All my linens lived on the top shelf of my closet and were pretty organized but I knew there had to be a few things up there I never used.

I started off by taking everything down- and going through the two baskets I had. There were tons more blankets, sheets, and pillow cases shoved in the back as well. Who needs all that?!

There wasn't a whole lot in the first basket- just some flannel sheets- which I don't really use- but could potentially come in handy. Plus the whole set is there including pillow cases, so those stayed together and are allowed to stay.

I shoved a pink blanket (I swear it is pink-despite the color in the above picture) in the basket as well, since it matches the flannel sheets well and is super soft. Keep!

In the next basket there was my old everyday sheet set, as well as the flannel sheets you can see on the top. I've never used this flannel sheet and am not even sure it fits my bed. So off to the Salvation Army it goes. I kept my old everyday sheet set incase I need to cover a guest bed someday, it will be nice to have.

I also kept a couple of pink sheets at the top. I probably could've gotten rid of them but it is definitely nice to have a backup.

I pulled down the rest of the stuff that was in the corner of my closet. My old comforter, which I will keep as a backup comforter. I have a striped throw blanket which I am keeping, a few curtains that I will hold onto because they match the ones I have on my windows now. Also in this pile were a few pillowcases that I didn't need and a white sheet set with some rips on it, I decided to get rid of both of those.

Minus the comforter I was able to fit pretty much everything I wanted to keep inside the two baskets which is great. 

The pile of things I got rid of was not huge, however I feel good about it. The goal of this project was to go through the items and get rid of what I don't need and that's exactly what was done. 

Doesn't it look better?! I would like to get a basket large enough to fit my old comforter inside. It would look a little more organized then- but for now it works!

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