Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cleaning Out My Samples.

Dear lord. my samples were slightly out of control.

Yeah, I know. So I gathered them all up as you can see above. I get samples through the mail from different companies. I get them from hotels I stay at. I get them free at stores. I am always receiving free samples which is amazing but if I don't know what I have I will never get through them. I wanted to sort them out by type and find a different spot for each one. Eventually I hope to have a different set up for this but for now- this will do!

I took all my lotion, toothpaste, shampoo, and conditioner samples and placed them inside this bin. This bin will be what I take when I go away on vacation and need a small size. I also use these lotions in my purse so when the one I have in my purse is empty I will trade it out for one of these.

I took all of my food and medicine samples and placed them in a pile. I took them and placed them in my closet for now, but I will donate what I don't use and will definitely used some of them. 

All of my smaller size samples I piled together to find a better spot for. You'll see where they ended up in a minute. These are small lotion, shampoo, conditioner and skin samples. I know I want to use these up sooner then the bigger bottle samples. I will be grabbing shampoo samples when I want a change in the shower and same with lotion when I'm looking for a different scent.

I also had a couple of beauty products I bought recently that are full sized and needed to get placed with my regular makeup.

I have TOO many perfume samples. I need to use some of these up-but perfume is so hard to get through!

My samples that I want to use up soon are placed in this Birchbox which I have put on top of my jewelry armoire where I will see them everyday. Hopefully this will help me get through them a little bit faster!

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