Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Linens and Loo Pinterest-Inspiration!

Since we are still working on our linens and loo organization- I figured I would dedicate todays post to some pretty inspiration courtesy of my pinterest page. These are pictures I found on pinterest that have things organized in a pretty and functional way.

medicine cabinet

What a great way to organize medicine! If I had to organize more medicine I would definitely implement this system for myself. This system would make it easy to know if you were running low on a certain type of medicine and makes it really easy to go through medicine and toss the expired products.
Spice rack as a nail polish rack!

Nail polish in spice racks is a great idea! Makes it easy to see what you have and organize by color!

Vanity tool drawer -- on it!

This reminds me of the way hair tools are kept at the beauty salon.  What a creative way to organize hair tools!

under cabinet organizing - I like the basket for toilet paper!

What a beautiful under sink organization system! I love the baskets for toilet paper and towels, the lazy susan for products and all the containers holding qtips and cotton balls. 

Great idea for the guest bathroom!

Pretty towel storage =)

Makeup dresser

Love this vanity! Seems to have the perfect amount of room for makeup storage!

organizing linens: Perfectly Organized Linen Closet

This is such a perfectly labeled and organized linen closet. Man oh man. I'm in heaven.

This just goes to show there are so many ways to organize items in the bathroom and in the linen closet. There's so many brilliant ways that you can easily make it your own!

Some of my favorite organization things in the bathroom and linen closet:

  • Baskets- I love the look of them and they keep things tidy while allowing you to toss things inside if you are in a hurry.
  • Labels- Labels are so helpful so other people using your space know where things belong and can put things back efficiently.
  • Over toilet storage- since bathrooms tend to be tiny, over toilet storage is key. There are so many ways to do it from putting up shelves, using a piece of furniture meant to go over the toilet or hanging baskets on the wall.
Happy organizing!

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