Saturday, March 16, 2013

Makeup Organization and Cleanout

As part of Linens and Loo month (thanks to iheartorganizing) I decided to go through all of my makeup and make sure I was keeping up with what I have. I don't want old products hanging around, especially if they are gross! I hope to one day have a vanity and a place to store my makeup but for now that is not a possibility so I use what I have!

This makeup drawer has been cleaned out recently so there wasn't a ton to do in here. I took off the packaging on the almay palette, and tossed a few older items in this drawer. Soon it looked as good as new!

My top drawer holds cough drops, contact items, band-aids, and floss. This was a complete disaster...

I tossed a few of the old cough drops, some of which I got in college (over 3 years ago...) so I felt I might as well ditch those. I also have WAY too many contact cases. I decided to save two, and donate the rest. Someone else could definitely use them more than me!

Looks so much better! 

This drawer was looking a little crowded but unfortunately there wasn't a whole lot to toss. All my Disney lip smackers are fine and like collectible items for now. I have a few lip glosses and lipsticks. The Lush lip gloss was all dried up however so that got tossed...

Not much different...but a little bit neater!

The bottom drawer holds all my nail products. There is no after picture for this one because all of these items are still here ready to be used. I have remover, nail pens, scizzors, emery boards, and clippers. There wasn't a whole lot to got through.

Another drawer with no after picture is all my makeup brushes and tools. I don't have a lot of brushes or anything- so there really isn't a ton to sort through!

Same with my hair drawer- elastics, bobby pins, and clips. I will use everything in here so there is no reason to toss anything in here.

This basket lives on top of my plastic organizers and has tons of random items inside. It was overflowing and some of the items needed to find a new home- fast!

I decided to take my pedegg and other foot items and place them in my nightstand drawer. That is where my foot lotion lives- so I might as well use them there.

Everything else fit inside of the basket nicely. Looks so much better!

I have a few more makeup items that live next to my plastic organizer. Mostly they are Lush and Bare Essential items. I also have a Jesse's Girl palette. These items don't fit inside the plastic organizer so they just sit next to it for now.

All my nail polish lives inside old candle jars. This is a great way to reuse old jars if your nail polish collection is small. Mine is quickly outgrowing these jars. I love to paint my nails and enjoy having an array of colors to chose from. I always manage to find different ones on sale too which is a great way to get different colors for not a ton of money. 

All the makeup I used daily lives inside this decorative box. 

As you can see I don't use a ton. I like to have all the makeup I use daily in one place. I do my makeup in front of my wall mirror so it's nice to have everything close by. In here I usually have a mascara, my facial moisturizer, eye cream, eyeshadow primer, eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, and an eyebrow pencil. My Urban Decay Naked Palette lives directly behind this box so that is close by too!

So, that is how I organize all my makeup! As you saw, some of the products I had were tossed because they are too old or for whatever reason. I plan on doing an empties post in the next few days so watch out for that!

Have a great day everybody!

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