Saturday, March 23, 2013

March Birchbox Review

Wow- I'm already back to review the items in my March Birchbox!

I stick to my belief that this was the best Birchbox ever. Ever ever ever. Amazing. Well done Birchbox, well done.

As I mentioned when I received this box, I had already previously used this deep repair masque and already loved it. You better believe this came to my next shower for a hair conditioning party. I can't get enough of this product. I need to go buy more!

This Healing Oil treatment is something I will buy after trying it. I am currently about halfway through this bottle and think it is completely amazing. I have been running a bit through my hair after showering and then running it through again after I finish styling and it makes my hair feel AMAZING! love love love this.

This sunscreen is alright- a little oily maybe but is something I would consider wearing on my body to the beach. However I looked at the price of the full sized bottles and I would NEVER consider paying such a high price for something that I can find another product that will work the same way.

This shave cream smelt amazing. I really enjoyed shaving with it- I would consider purchasing it if I didn't have a stockpile of shave gel already stored away in my closet. It smells better then any other shave gel I've ever used and it works great also, very soothing.

I thought this benetint was a great idea and I enjoyed trying it. It encouraged me to try other cheek stains and purchase the tart cheek stain, however I definitely like the tarte cheek stain better then the benetint. Benetint is just too liquidy and hard to apply onto my cheeks.

And a pretty emery I really need to review this? =)

Overall, it was an amazing Birchbox and I'm so excited to get my box next month! =)

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