Sunday, March 3, 2013

Organizing Gift Bags

Anyone who has been reading this blog regularly knows that the gift bag organization around my house has been driving me bonkers! I love to buy gift bags when they are on clearance and always stock up when they are. Therefore my gift bag collection is out of control! I don't necessarily need to worry about ever needing to buy a bag for a gift again- but I needed a better way to find the bags I already owned. So I purchased this baby:

I know, I know. I finally bit the bullet and decided to purchase something that would help me with my little project. My current system was simply not working. I had all bags, boxes, tissue paper, ribbons, and who knows what else shoved inside a box.

Clearly not working for me.

Look how much stuff was inside there! So.  I took everything out and started sorting out all the bags that I had.

I also sorted out the tissue paper by color.

Once I had everything sorted the way that I wanted it, I decided to play around with putting things inside the pockets. One of the main things I absolutely adore about this organizer is the number of pockets inside. I could honestly fit a ton more in here than I did which is nice because that means I have room to grow!All the boxes and ribbon stayed inside the original box- which just means they have more room to live now. I'm okay with them being in there for now- since none are really holiday specific.

Once I got everything just the way I wanted it- it was time to hang it up and ooh and ahh. I'll pretend I can hear you from here =)

How are your gift bags/boxes organized?
Have a great day everybody!

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