Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sunny Days, Linens and Loos.

Yesterday was a beautiful, gorgeous sunny day! It definitely gave me hope that the sun will stay out and spring will be here soon. Then I heard the weather report and they said snow was on the horizon- greatttt....

Oh well, at least Roxy and I were able to enjoy the sunshine.

I checked over on iheartorganizing to see what Jen's March challenge is. Linens and Loos is the title which I think is absolutely adorable. This means I'm starting to think about what projects I will complete with my linens and my bathroom. Here are a few ideas that I have...

  • I am going to sort through all my sheet sets, blankets, and towels. I will be getting rid of ones that I don't use and get down to just a bare minimum. 
  • I want to organize all my spare linens in baskets at the top of my closet. Right now they are just piled and driving me crazy!
  • I would like a spare set of white sheets for my bed- so I may be finding and ordering one.
  • I will be reorganizing the bathroom drawers and cleaning them out.
  • I will be going through all my beauty products and makeup (despite them not living in either my linen area or bathroom) 
I think that's a pretty good starting place!  What will you guys be working on this month?

Did anyone out there watch Bachelor on Monday night?! It was the Women Tell All episode and I cannot believe the bombshell that AshLee dropped on everyone! Personally I don't believe the Sean would have said something like that to her, I think she's just crazy and looking to get back at him. After she was so mad when he sent her home- there's definitely a chance she could make up something like that to make Sean look bad. Crazy girls. Also- I hate Tierra- but who doesn't? She belongs in the looney bin.
I can't wait to see the results next week- I'm hoping for Catherine =)

Do you watch the Bachelor? Who are you hoping ends up with Sean? 

Have a great day everybody!

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