Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Time to Organize the Bathroom!

The bathroom is the smallest room in the house- but one of the most important to keep organized. Unfortunately I share the bathroom with my brother- not the most organized person in the world. He is also not the cleanest person in the world. He also has friends that like to use my things- meaning I don't keep a ton in my bathroom. Someday I hope to be able to store more items in the bathroom but for now only a few things of mine actually live in there. I knew going into this project that there wasn't a ton of things to get rid of the bathroom but I mostly wanted to reorganize a few things and make sure everything was clean and nice!

Opening the under-the-sink cabinets was shocking. Yuck. I keep my towels in my personal closet- these are guest towels and my brothers towels. The first step was to take all of the towels out- refold them and place them back in nicely. I also lined up all the cleaning supplies nicely. I would like to get a little caddy for the cleaning supplies but for now having them lined up nicely will do.

Looking better already!

Next I checked out my side of the medicine cabinet. Like I said- I don't have a ton in here but I definitely had a few items to sift through.

I found a few items to purge in the cabinet but mostly just lined everything up nicely and made sure I still needed each item. 

Then I went into the drawers and checked inside each one.

My top drawer is the only drawer I'm in everyday. I have my toothbrush top, my toothpaste, a spare razor, and extra razor blades. 

In the middle drawer I keep all my LUSH bath products. I also have a spare hair brush and some wax strips in there too.

In the bottom drawer I have all of my feminine hygiene products...I take all the outside packaging and throw it away and put all my items inside a blue container.

When all was said and done- I only found a few items that I needed to let go of. I really don't have much in the bathroom to start off- meaning theres not that much to give away!

Luckily since I stay pretty on top of my bathroom, there wasn't much to worry about with this project. The items I keep in the shower rotate frequently and I don't keep much in there. As you saw, my drawers and medicine cabinet are pretty sparse as well. Someday I'm sure I will keep more IN the bathroom-but for now organizing it is a breeze!

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