Tuesday, March 19, 2013

TJ Maxx Haul and Update to Linens

When I showed you how I organize my linens, my comforter and other linens piled in the back behind the baskets was driving me nuts. I wanted to make sure that I found a solution for this pile. I ended up heading into TJ Maxx last week and just wandered around the housewares section for awhile. I ended up finding a great solution to my pile problem and a couple other things that I couldn't live without.

Here's my mini-haul:

I found the Chi Iron Guard that I love to use as my heat styling protectant. It was on sale for $11.99 which is a GREAT deal for this product!

I also got this fabric bin which I think is so pretty.

And the lamp I bought fits perfectly on my nightstand. The lamp that used to sit here was too oversized, and this one is much better!

My new bin holding blankets and my spare comforter quite nicely. I don't mind that it looks overflowing because it holds what I need it to and looks beautiful at the same time!

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