Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Update

I'm just finishing up the weekend over here, since I work Saturday morning and Monday night my weekend really only stretches from Saturday afternoon-Monday afternoon... but it's been a great/relaxing/busy weekend!

I ended up going to lunch and a movie with my friend Rachel yesterday and finally got to see Safe Haven! 

Safe Haven (2013) Poster

I had read this Nicholas Sparks book when it first came out- so I remembered some of the story but not a ton of it. I remembered who Jo was, and remembered the main characters and their general stories but nothing too specific. When I got home last night after seeing the movie I decided to have a relaxing evening and start re-reading the book so I could see what was truly different. Of course I didn't get too far since Once Upon A Time and Revenge were both on last night (!!!) but I noticed several differences right away.

  • Alex's hair is gray in the book- clearly Josh Duhamel wasn't rocking that look, but that's okay I like him better without the gray locks.
  • Alex never mentions his time in the army.
  • Katie tells Alex about her past- he doesn't find a poster of her saying shes wanted for murder in the book.
  • Lexi in the movie is Kristen in the book, why the name change?
  • Katie sees Josh falling into the water on a video monitor, not out the window.
Maybe I shouldn't have started re-reading the book because these differences will drive me crazy.

Anyways, Once Upon A Time last night was awesome! I loved seeing Pinocchio again, but can't believe that the new girl got away with what she did. She's in cahoots with that other guy who came into town?! What?! It's crazy that people are so connected in so many ways in this show- it's totally lost-esque. 

Revenge was good too- I'm glad Emily and Eli got revenge on their foster mother, but I can't believe Padma got taken! Poor Nolan. =(

Anyways, it was a crazy night and Roxy and I went to bed pretty early- and didn't want to get out of bed this morning!

But we had to because Roxy got her stitches out today! She is so happy to not have to wear clothes anymore =)

We also had a few other errands to run- grocery store, post office, know =)

Well back to work tonight, so I'm off to get some things done around the house- have a great day everybody!

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