Friday, March 8, 2013

Weekly Couponing Wrapup!

This week I went a little crazy couponing. I was really excited on Sunday when I headed into CVS to get some great deals. Here's what I ended up getting:

2 Softsoap Body Washes @ $3.50 each (or 2/$7)
2 Dove Body Washes @ $6 each
Gold Emblem Jelly Beans @ 99 cents
2 Purex Laundry Soaps @ BOGO $6.39 
2 Sensodyne Toothpastes @ BOGO 50% off, one was $6.29, the other $3.14
Maybelline Mascara @ $5.49
Maybelline Eyeshadow Duo @ $5.99
Sally Hansen Crackle Nailpolish @ $7.49
Sally Hansen Salon Effects @ $9.99
Pantene Shampoo @ $9.29
Pantene Conditioner @ $9.29
Pantene Masque @ $15.49
2 Colgate Toothbrushes @ $1.99

Before I put in my CVS card my total was about $130!!! Then the BOGO deals were taken off, and I saved quite a bit.

Then I handed over my coupons...I had:

2 Softsoap coupons for 50 cents off each
2 Maybelline coupons for $1 off each
2 Pantene coupons, one for a $1 off two, the other for $3 off one product
2 Sally Hansen coupons, both for $3 off one item
1 Sensodyne coupon for 75 cents off one item.
2 Dove coupons for $2 off each item
1 Colgate coupon for $2 off two items.

I had 19.75 in coupons total!

I also had $24.49 in ECBs, bringing down my total even more.

I ended up paying $52.01 for $130 of items which is not bad at all! Plus I ended up leaving with $23 in ECB's to use on my next transaction- excellent!

After CVS, I needed to go to Stop and Shop (my local grocery store) and although I didn't take a picture- I did manage to get a couple great deals.

Bertolli meals were on sale in my store for $5.99 each (if you bought 2 you would get a $1 off one)
I ended up purchasing 5 meals, 4 @ $5.99 and one at $4.99
I had $1 off coupons for each one. making 4 of them $4.99 and one of them $3.99, that is AMAZING for Bertolli!

I also bought some 40 pack Totinos pizza rolls for $4.99 each and I had a $1 off two coupons which made them each $4.49- not bad at all!

Unfortunately I didn't have coupons for the Ceaser Dog food I picked up, I didn't get the Red Plum insert =(
But I was able to get them for 70 cents each- which is a pretty good deal anyways!

Not bad for one week of couponing! =)

How'd you do this week?

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