Monday, April 15, 2013

Bruins Game and a Fundraising Dinner

I'm officially on a week-long vacation from my job! I love having time off- everyone needs a little break from their work, especially when they work six days a week =) I however don't really know how to relax too well. The closest I come is when I spend some time reading a book, but usually you can find me emptying out a drawer, or cleaning out my closet....

On Friday night, before I was officially on vacation, I took a group of my dancers to the Providence Bruins game so they could perform! I had 4 groups of dancers with me and they did an amazing job- I am so proud of them!

It was a great experience and I highly recommend performing there if you have a group of young performers in the Rhode Island area. I thought they were extremely organized and made my little dancers feel so special! They even took professional pictures and will be sending them to our studio so we can share them with all the dancers! It was a great time for sure, and it made it a little sweeter that the Bruins won...not that I usually watch hockey... it was also sweeter because we got free hats! Sweet!

On Saturday, after I finished work and was officially on vacation I had a special event to attend. Remember when I talked about Rhana? We had a fundraising event that everyone at my work came together to help with. Over the past few months another dance teacher and I collected items for a spa basket and donated a ton of items ourselves. Many other people connected to our dance studio put together baskets and donated items to help raise money for this sweet girl. The pasta supper on Saturday night was a hit, with so many people there to support Rhana. My mom and I attended the supper and put in quite a few tickets into the basket raffle. Although my mom always asks me not show pictures of her on the blog- I can't resist posting this one since it is from the event....

I hope that you check out Rhana's website and if you can, help her in anyway possible. I have been writing to Nastia Luikin and other gymnasts hoping they might send her a message or possibly go visit her in rehab as she is recovering. Since she is a gymnast who looks up to so many amazing athletes I know that she would be so excited to see one of them caring about her situation!

On Sunday, there was nothing too exciting going on around here, just a few errands, some tv watching (while coupon clipping- got keep multitasking around here), and some projects around the house- which I will be sharing with you this week!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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