Thursday, April 11, 2013

Get Out Dust!

I hate dust. Yuck.

It makes me sneeze and I am a huge advocate at regular dusting to keep that gross substance out of my house- however there are places that are a bit more difficult to dust on a weekly basis and only get cleaned once in awhile. Spring is an amazing time to clean out those areas and allow everything to air out. Over the past few days my mom and I have been hard at work getting some of those areas in our house cleaned out.

Roxy loves to help out with laundry by the way... Spring is a great time to not only wash all those winter clothes and store them away, but also to wash things that don't get washed all that often- like chair covers, blankets, pillows- all of which get dusty and dirty very easily!

Can't you see on her face how helpful she is with laundry? She loves to lay right on top of the piles I helpful!

I spent some time sweeping out the garage the other day- there were a ton of leaves hanging around inside and Roxy really enjoyed watching the leaves I swept out come flying back in. At one point she cocked her head at me like 'that really is working well for you huh?' I like to think she is a bit sarcastic =)

Although the garage floor is still dirty and could probably use a good power washing- it is definitely much cleaner now. Remember when I reorganized the garage and used the shop-vac? Well it definitely could be done again- the garage is already dusty and gross and I would love to get out there and do it again- maybe next week!

I also have been working on some small spaces, such as my candle drawer. Although I recently cleaned out this drawer, it was just really messy in there and I have picked up a few candles recently that needed to be organized a bit better inside. So I took everything out...

Yes, I was washing ALL of my bedding-which is why my mattress pad is the only thing on my bed in the above pictures!

I do have quite a few candles, the majority of them I received as gifts but I have bought a few of them. I absolutely love burning candles- in case you weren't already aware of that fact. I do like to burn them according to seasons so right now I am loving summer scents!

After placing everything back in the drawer, it looked so much neater and much more manageable!

Finally a project my mom and I worked on together this week- this windowsill is always filled with blue glass (my mom collects blue glass) so we took everything off the windowsill and windows and washed everything by hand. Then we washed the windows and dusted all of the wood. We pulled up the blinds and let the light in and everything just seemed so much cleaner!

We did put all of the blue glass and other knick-knacks back on the windowsill (which my mom did-she likes everything in certain places...maybe I get my OCD from her?) and knowing that they are dust free and everything is clean makes things so much nicer!

What have you been spring cleaning lately?

Coming up on the blog:

My mom and I plan on taking all the outdoor furniture out of its basement storage and placing it where it belongs outside- most of it will probably need to be cleaned up a bit after being in the basement for so long too. There could potentially be an upcoming basement organization video. I am considering cleaning out the garage a bit more as well. I know that next week I will work on my closet a little bit as well.

Also within the next week I will be posting my April Birchbox which is on it's way! I will have my review on that later in the month, and also at the end of the month I will be doing an empties post, with all of my empty beauty products from March and April!

If anyone has a request on a blog post they would like to see or any suggestions for posts feel free to comment, or e-mail me at, I would love to hear from you!

Have a great day everybody!

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