Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Laundry Room CleanUp

Last week, I completed another little project that was driving me mad.

Our laundry room is quite spacious and gets filled up with just extra junk really easily since it is located off our mudroom and garage. I went in there knowing I couldn't get rid of too much since it mostly does not belong to me- but I wanted to clean it up and organize it a little bit.

You'd never believe that all that junk was hidden behind those cabinet doors would you? Well I was sick of seeing all that stuff in there!

Another corner of the laundry room had a bunch of laundry samples that we've gotten free. Also in this little container was coins, nails, screws, and other things that fell out of peoples pockets in the wash. There were also other little things in this container as well- and they needed to get out of the laundry room!

All that's left now are the samples! Much better =)

This basket also drove me nuts! There are a few items in here for when we give Roxy a bath, an extra leash, some cleaning supplies- basically just needed to be reorganized.

Much better!

And this is one of the cabinets after getting reorganized... items are mostly just arranged differently, but still in a way that makes sense. I would like to go through this more and still need to go through the other side of the cabinet- but it looks better for now!

Quick Before and Afters!

Before                          After

Before                                     After

              Before                                After          

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